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Folium (Low Cost CCI Meter)

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Crop yield is directly affected by the plant macronutrients, mainly Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorous (P) status. farmers must determine when to apply N fertilizer as nitrogen deficiency leads to lower yield and economic loss.

Chlorophyll meter has been used for years to find the correlation between the leaf chlorophyll content and the plant nitrogen status. In general, chlorophyll meters are expensive even these handheld devices are built for ease of use. The function of the reaction center of chlorophyll is to absorb light energy and transfer it to other parts of the photosystem. CL in the leaf is strongly related to the Nitrogen (N) status of the plants.

Even though there are many CCI meters in the market, they are not affordable for farmers. This project focuses on the development of low-cost CCI meters for farmers. The basic principle of this project is optics. A spectral sensor from AMS is used in this project [compact, low-cost, advanced technology system-on-chip spectrometer].

The data from different wavelengths is captured from a leaf and is processed by the MCU. Post-processing, the data is then sent to the App on the smartphone via Bluetooth (Classic). As of now, the android app can give the CCI data based on a custom-developed reference scale.

(screenshot of the android app)


This is my MSc course project. The project is not open source & still under development (PoC completed!). Feel free to contact me at for more information.

Happy Making!

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2 Komentar

Arnab Chatterjee
Arnab Chatterjee
15 Jul 2021

Will the App tell you whether the level of Chlorophyll in the leaf are adequate? Many thanks for working out on this meaning project.

Membalas kepada

Hi sir,

Yes, the app tells you only the level of Chlorophyll. But that's of no use for a farmer. I'm working on developing a scale in which the farmer can understand the plant's health that commonly comes under agronomy. For each plant, the Chlorophyll Content Index varies. So a database must be created for common use. This concept plays a major role in Orchid farming.

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