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Digital Wireless Spectroscopy is one of its first kind of handheld spectrometer which can work in different bands. A spectrometer is an equipment that is used in Food, Medicine, Space, Quality Check, Research and Production fields. This particular device is very small so that it could be handheld This Wireless Digital Spectrometer detects wavelengths in the visible range at 610, 680, 730, 760, 810 and 860nm of light [18 frequencies of light-sensing from 410nm to 940nm optional], each with 20nm of full-width half-max detection. One of the best features is that this device is integrated with 405nm UV, 5700k White, and 875nm IR LEDs which makes it independent of external light sources! This project was selected for presentation in India International Science Festival (IISF) 2019 under Young Scientists Conclave for Poster Presentation.

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